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Lifecolor algae pigments/powders SPG07

Lifecolor algae pigments/powders SPG07

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Create realistic moss, lichen and algae effects with powder and coloured fixer sets, SPG06 (Moss & Lichen) and SPG07 (Algae). The colours of both sets can be mixed to obtain new tones.

Apply Fixer Fluid with a brush to the areas onto which you wish to stick the coloured powder. The powder can be fixed by mixing them with Fixer Fluid or may be applied onto Fixer Fluid while Fixer Fluid is still fresh. Repeated applications allow to obtain large volumes of vegetation. The Fixer Fluid can be diluted with water. The powder of SPG06 and SPG07 can be mixed together to obtain new color tones.

This set includes:

POW 05 Luxuriant Green - Powder

POW 06 Full-blown Green - Powder

POW 07 Blight Plant - Powder

POW 08 Dried Plant - Powder

FF 03 Gloss Dirty Green - Fixer Fluid

FF 04 Gloss Yellow Green - Fixer Fluid

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