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Aoshima Nissan skyline 2000GT-R PGC10 1970

Aoshima Nissan skyline 2000GT-R PGC10 1970

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The beginning of GT-R legend

Released on August 1968 as a full-model change 3rd generation Skyline, the C10 series became an instant hit and was widely familiarized with commercial copies such as “Ai-suka" and “Suka-G". Later in October of the same year, the 2000 GT-R model was added and in May 1969, debut the JAF Grand Prix. From the first match, it placed 1st in the TS division and continued to win matches which solidified its status.

This kit replicates the PGC10 “Hako-suka" 4-door GT-R in its catalog spec. The molds for this kit was designed and developed in the 1970s and consequently not at the quality of replication of today's standards. However, with the selectable vehicle height chassis and various custom aftermarket parts, you are able to build the GT-R to your preference.

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