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Nozzle (R5) for iwata Revolution CR /BCR /SAR /TR2 spares

Nozzle (R5) for iwata Revolution CR /BCR /SAR /TR2 spares

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Important Note: Never remove the nozzle unless it is already damaged. If you thoroughly clean the airbrush, this will prevent the nozzle becoming clogged so that you will not need to remove it. Although made from durable, high-quality materials, this part is small and finely engineered. Accidental damage caused by cross-threading, overtightening, dropping the airbrush, forcing the needle or tools into the nozzle and normal wear are not covered under the warranty. Replacement parts and a repair service are available.

Please click on this link for our General Airbrush Operation & Cleaning Guide


Iwata Nozzle Wrench

Available separately is a specialised Iwata Nozzle Wrench tool for removing and replacing the nozzle. The Airbrush Company strongly advise that you do not use the basic conventional spanner provided in the airbrush box, but advise that you instead use the improved nozzle tool to ensure you get the right angle and torque without risk of over tightening. This can prevent expensive damage to nozzles.

For more information or advice on this product, please contact us.

This part fits the following models:

Click on each to view parts diagram and full parts list

Iwata Revolution BCR Airbrush

Iwata Revolution CR Airbrush

Iwata Revolution SAR Airbrush

Iwata Revolution TR2 Airbrush

This part optionally fits the following models:

Iwata Kustom TR airbrush

if you also fit Needle (E5/R5), Needle Cap, Nozzle Cap

Iwata Revolution CR3 Airbrush with R3 Nozzle

if you also fit Needle (E5/R5), Needle Cap, Needle Packing Screw with PTFE solvent-proof Needle Packing, Nozzle Cap

Iwata Revolution TR0 airbrush

if you also fit Needle (E5/R5), Needle Cap, Nozzle Cap

Iwata Revolution TR1 Airbrush

if you also fit Needle (E5/R5), Needle Cap, Nozzle Cap

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