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Wooden city Steampunk wall clock

Wooden city Steampunk wall clock

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Introducing our Steampunk Wall Clock Wooden Puzzle 3D, an exquisite blend of mechanical engineering and timeless aesthetics. This product, straight from our workshops in Poland, Europe, embodies our commitment to delivering unique, engaging experiences.

Experience the Wonder of 3D Wooden Puzzle Clock

The 3D Wooden Puzzle Clock invites you to a world where artistry and mechanical prowess intertwine. Crafted from high-density birch wood, this model evolves into more than just a timekeeping device—it becomes a decorative piece that stands as a testament to your accomplishment and a remarkable display of the Steampunk aesthetic in your decor.

Masterful Design and Functionality

Every component of this Steampunk Wall Clock, from the pendulum to the clock hands and the clockwork, is thoughtfully designed to provide you with an authentic horological experience. Powered by a counterweight and governed by a pendulum, this clock ensures accurate timekeeping, offering both functionality and a captivating mechanical spectacle.

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